Regardless of whether you are a cardiologist, ophthalmologist, pediatrician or orthopaedic specialist, seeing a patient to diagnose chest pain, perform cataract surgery, do an annual checkup or set a bone, there is probably a small fear that’s been churning within your patient while they’ve been sitting in your waiting room. As adults, we often revert back to that little kid going to the doctor clutching our parent’s hand scared of the pain we’re in, pain to come, or of all the possible outcomes awaiting us. We come up with worst case scenarios, and tally off all the things we’ve potentially done wrong to get us to this point.

What if you could start helping your patients BEFORE they even sat down in your chair? To offer them a bit of relief before the anxiety heightens? You can and we believe we can help!

Let's make a difference!

Studies have shown that art in medical settings helps to ease patients and can even help heal in recovery settings. We can help change those waiting room and patient room experiences by giving patients something beautiful to get lost in while they sit, or perhaps inspire a conversation with the stranger next to them about the cool anatomy inspired art on the wall! So here’s our OFFER TO HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR YOUR PATIENTS. You get to help them and save a bit in the process!

Special Discount

Order 10 or more prints and get 30% OFF your entire order!

Color Editing

Change the colors of any prints to help match your clinic's design.

Artist Plaque

Receive an About the Artist plaque to help keep the conversation going.

*Offer excludes framing and originals.

Read about how art heals

October 1, 2020

Do you remember what hospitals and doctor’s offices used to look like? They used to be synonymous with stark white walls and an overall awful, sterile feeling, right? All that started to change some years ago.

Meet Kaitlin Walsh,
the artist behind Lyon Road Art

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I lived on Lyon Road for only a year, but it was in that year that life got real. My husband and I moved there for his residency the morning after our wedding.

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